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The adage that once defined American politics, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line,” is no more. Today, rank‐and‐file Republicans aren’t even sure where to stand, let alone line up. Trumpism and the politics of chaos have fractured the GOP.

But despite the mess that has overtaken the Republicans, President Joe Biden must still work across the aisle in the Senate to try and pass his ambitious agenda. He must work with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, despite the Republican leader’s long record of obstructionism. Biden must bridge the divide that derailed the Obama White House agenda.

Despite all these roadblocks, one thing is clear: Biden is made for this moment.

Mitch McConnell, Obstructer-in-chief

With his acknowledgment of Biden’s Electoral College victory, acquiescence to Trump’s historic second impeachment, and clear proclamation of Trump’s incitement of the Capitol riot, Mitch McConnell — the longest-serving leader of Senate Republicans in history and self proclaimed “grim reaper” of liberal legislation — has officially moved out from the shadow of the now departed Donald Trump…READ MORE ON BUSINESS INSIDER